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Our travels in Central America include Belize, Honduras, Panama, and we have visited Costa Rica at least a dozen times.

Visiting a Tribe in Embera Village – Panama

Panama is renowned for its ancient tribes living in pristine jungles. The problem is to visit these tribes you need to take a tour, as finding them on your own can be difficult. I completely...

Visiting Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

I’m usually apprehensive about visiting animal sanctuaries, as too many road-size zoos call themselves sanctuaries to make a quick dollar. As soon as I set foot at the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located halfway...

Pico Bonito National Park – Raw Undisturbed Jungle

I’ve only been to Honduras once and it was to visit Pico Bonito National Park for a long weekend. This is a relatively large park at 564.30 km2 (217.88 sq mi) in size. It’s...

Hacienda Baru – Animal Viewing Paradise

I’ve been to Costa Rica dozens of times as I do business there and I needed a break from work. I wanted to find an easy to access network of hiking trails in an area...

Panama City – A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Panama City is an interesting place. I have a hate/love relationship with the city. The traffic is a nightmare and is by far the worse that I have seen in Central America and is...

Belize – Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing, and More.

Belize is a stunning country that has a shocking number of things to offer considering its small size. It’s an English country which makes it easier to visit for those who fear the language...

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