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Our travels in the Caribbean including the islands of Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Saba, and St.Martin.

Exploring Little Cayman, in the Cayman Islands

Little Cayman is popular for diving, but you never hear anything about it outside of the diving industry. We decided to stay there for a long weekend to experience its offerings. We stayed at...

An Animal Lovers Caribbean Dream

Barbados is an animal lover’s paradise. Green monkeys which were brought over in the 17th century live throughout the island. The best place to see these green monkeys is at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, a...

Volunteering with Leatherback Sea Turtles in Trinidad

I was looking for somewhere to volunteer with rehabilitating or tagging sea turtles. Some of the options included Costa Rica, and Mexico, but I really wanted to go somewhere that I would not normally...

Havana – The Jewel of the Caribbean

As a Canadian I always find it interesting how fascinated most Americans are with the idea of visiting Cuba. Havana is a quick forty-minute flight from my home in the Cayman Islands so it...

Exploring the Pitons of St. Lucia

St.Lucia had been on my to do list for more than a decade. The Pitons are the most iconic mountain range in the Caribbean, and I was looking forward to experiencing these mountains first...

Relaxing in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica

A downside of living in the Cayman Islands is that I always miss the mountains. There are few areas in the Caribbean with proper mountains where I can get my mountain fix. Fortunately, the...

El Yunque National Forest – A Rainforest Paradise

We had to transit in Puerto Rico after getting married in the British Virgin Islands. We decided to make a mini-vacation out of this. My expectations were low as I heard mixed opinions about Puerto Rico. Nonetheless,...

Discover Saba – Magic in the Caribbean

If you ever visit the Eastern Caribbean Island of St. Martin you should allow 2 to 3 days to visit Saba, which is a Dutch Island that is 52.1 KMs from St. Martin. The...

Great Caves in Grand Cayman

  Having lived in the Cayman Islands since 2008 it can be easy for me to become jaded with the offerings on Grand Cayman. The beaches are stunning, the sun is always shining, but for...

St. Martin – European Charm in the Caribbean

St. Martin is one of the most balanced islands in the Caribbean. This balance is due to the fact that there are two countries on this small charming island. Saint Martin the Northern half...

Antigua Offers Stunning Views in Every Direction

I went to visit a friend who was renting a house on the West Coast of Antigua in the neighborhood of Jolly Harbour. The house was situated on Jolly Beach, it's a beach with...

Surrounded by Dozens of Sharks in Paradise

I had to visit the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas for a four day conference. It was my first time in the Bahamas but there was one thing that excited me about the prospect...

Not Impressed – My Least Favorite Caribbean Island

I had a difficult time thinking of what to write about the Dominican Republic. I’ve visited the country twice; the first time was to inspect the Island with the idea of possibly relocating there....

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