Smuggling a Video Out of North Korea

After returning from the DMZ we were scheduled to visit the war museum. This is the pride and joy of the DPRK, as this is where they collect the spoils of victory to showcase...

Visiting the DMZ and a public library, in North Korea

To access the DMZ from Pyongyang entails several hours of driving on a large 10 lane highway that often only has one vehicle on the highway. The highway is large to impress outsiders, but...

Exploring Pyongyang, North Korea

When visiting Pyongyang, expect endless propaganda on how each monument is the result of the genius of the Kim Jong-Un family dynasty. Each fantastical story is so far-fetched, that the story escapes you before...

Arriving to North Korea

Air Koryo, the national airline of the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) is the only airline that flies to North Korea. As soon as you board the plane you enter the twilight zone....

Dandong, China – The Gateway to North Korea

My adventure in Dandong, China started with a train ride from the capital of North Korea, Pyonyang. It took approximately three hours in the train to arrive to the border of China. It took...

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