Great Caves in Grand Cayman



Having lived in the Cayman Islands since 2008 it can be easy for me to become jaded with the offerings on Grand Cayman. The beaches are stunning, the sun is always shining, but for a person who is addicted to traveling and experiencing new things, the island can feel a little bit unexciting. I always tell people Grand Cayman is a great place to live, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a tourist destination unless you are heavily into diving or fine dining.

In 2015 after returning home from a trip there was a pleasant surprise waiting. New caves called the Cayman Crystal Caves were now open to the public. In the past to visit any of the caves you had to trespass on private property and risk a fine.

This all changed with the launch of the Cayman Crystal Caves and I of course took the opportunity to visit these caves. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality surpassed what I had seen in the past in other countries. The only caves which I have seen that are significantly better are in Lebanon. Nonetheless these are well worth a visit.

To visit you need to take a tour that is approximately 80 minutes long. In the Cayman Islands, everything is designed to be safe and easy, and visiting these caves is no exception. You can easily visit them in your flip flops. You just need to rent a car or arrange transportation to the Northside which is the quieter side of the Island and is on the road leading towards Rum Point, a beach you absolutely must visit.

There are three spectacular caves with stunning stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures. These are my pictures from my short visit. These were impressive enough that I would be willing to redo them if I had company from overseas visiting.