Amalfi Coast – Italy’s Majestic UNESCO Coastline


The Amalfi Coast is Europe’s answer to the California’s Pacific Coast Highway, or to Australia’s Great Ocean Road. It’s a stunning scenic coastal road that is 69 kilometers (43 mi) long. This is also a world UNESCO site.

What makes this road so special is the combination of stunning ocean views with historical Italian villages. Every single direction that you look offers unbelievable views that will make you wish you could stay in the area forever.

There are many small towns to stay in. The towns include:

Ravello – This is a cute town that we recommend for you to visit for one or two days. If you love hiking there are stunning hikes in the area.

Amalfi – This is the coast’s largest city and while it is a nice city it is not as charming as our two recommendations below.

Sorrento – A magical village perched in the Amalfi Coast but offering easy accessibility to Naples. This is where the road begins and it is a great place to base yourself out of for your vacation. Great food, stunning views, and easy access to Naples and all of the Amalfi coast makes this a clear favorite among tourists.

Positano – This is my personal favorite and my top recommendation. You would do yourself a disservice by not staying in this beautiful cliffside village for at least 1 or 2 nights. The 3 pictures below are of Positano:


This charming town will enchants you as you walk up and down its ancient streets. Location is of paramount importance, you want to be within easy walking distance of the beautiful historical downtown. Search for a bed and breakfast to truly experience the best in Italian hospitality.

You might recognize the village which has been featured in such movies as Only You (1994) Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) and in Kath & Kimderella (2012).

Positano is love at first sight and you should visit it.

While you should clearly spend time in all of the towns on the coast there is so much to do. You can lounge on a beach or go beautiful day-hikes that take advantage of the scenic viewpoints.

The top hike that you should do is the LL Sentiero Degli Dei which is a hike between Agerola and Positano and is possibly the most spectacular hike in the area. This is a 7.8 KM hike and is life-changing.

For seeing the entire coastline while you can drive most tourists choose to take a bus. Public transportation in Italy is fairly easy to figure out. The driving can be quite stressful and finding parking can be next to impossible. My recommendation would be to bus everywhere and to hike the wonderful trails to experience the sights fully. Afterwards find a hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant for heavenly pasta.


  1. Interesting read! I have been to Positano with my cousins recently. Indeed a nice place to be. I feel like visiting there always. Good to know there are other beautiful areas. I Will think of somewhere else to visit over there in my next trip, perhaps Ravello. Thanks.

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